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Through Dr. Erwin Consulting, Dr. Erwin provides executive coaching and workshops to C-level and mid-level executives, physicians, departments, and organizations on how to maximize personal and professional potential, setting trajectories for successful careers and increasing the corporate bottom line.

Corporate clients have come from, among others, pharmaceutical companies, universities, hospitals, financial institutions, and consulting companies.
Clients are coached in strategies to maximize performance and revenues, expand leadership capabilities, reduce stress, increase confidence, teach conflict resolution and communication skills, strengthen emotional intelligence, navigate career transitions, and maximize professional potential.
“Effective training is short term, strategy based and goal oriented, just as we want the executive and organization to be,” says Dr. Erwin.

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Dr. Brigette Erwin has been a tremendous asset to my son, who is dealing with OCD. I would highly recommend her as a caring, knowledgeable source of assistance.